In the last year, I have thought a lot about what i want in my future and how it is going to look. So when i stumbled upon

I thought it would fun to write an article about the dream/ future life that I envision for myself. Hope you enjoy reading this article.

Dream Destination

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I would love to live in Germany, Scandinavia especially Norway or the UK. Even though I love living in a big city I do like living in a bit more open space.

Dream Job

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I would love to be a writer and work in television.

Dream Home

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Inside the home

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Dream Garden

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I really dream of a garden in which I can not only plant flowers and let wild greens grow but I would love to also grow some vegetables and fruits.


I really want to lead a sustainable and eco-friendly life and to do that for me every part of my life has to compatible with sustainability. I think having a garden which reflects and aids that is essential.

In my garden, I would love to grow my own fruit and vegetable but I would also love my garden to be permaculture the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

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Animals( rescued)

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I would love to have animals living with me

Hope you enjoyed reading about my dream/future life I know I certainly enjoyed myself and I might write another article about things that I want in the future.

See you soon Bella