This is probably the easiest to write.. Finally my favourite topic F.O.O.D. What is it kids? FOOD!!!

1) Sushi

food, salmon, and sushi image delicious, dinner, and hungry image delicious, dinner, and food image sushi, food, and rolls image

Just look at that beautiful thang.. You know what i could eat this all day. If you don't eat sushi you can't seat with us.

2) Boba Tea

boba, brown sugar, and bobatea image aesthetic, beverages, and boba image boba, black, and drink image asian, boba, and food image

This is so good!! Everyone should try this like right NOW

3) Malaysian Cuisine

curry, food, and noodles image delicious, Malaysia, and malaysian food image food, malaysian food, and happy image fried chicken, mosaic, and tile image

Ya'all if you coming to Malaysia hmu. I'm going to suggest you all the good stuff

4) Cheese

cheese, delicious, and dinner image food, pizza, and cheese image Chicken, dinner, and fries image cheese, delicious, and dinner image
I feel like cheese is the glue that holds my life together -ano

5) Ice cream

flavor, ice cream, and pink image Copyrighted image food, fruit, and summer image Flagged For Review

Ice cream always has the soft spot in my heart. Ice cream is always a good idea