these are the songs i've put on repeat since the start of the month, most of them give me summer vibes since it's summer, but i hope you guys take these recommendations and listen to them! some of them are old songs which i love.

- teen top's crazy.

Image removed

- ailee's room shaker.

gif, 에일리, and ailee image

- eun ji won's i'm on fire.

G1, eun jiwon, and gif image

- ateez's illusion.

mv, gif, and illusion image

- rain's 30sexy.

gif, rain, and 30sexy image

- 2ne1's in the club.

2ne1, adidas, and CL image

- sistar's i swear.

bora, gif, and girls image

- skz's road not taken ( extended ver.)

jisung, jeongin, and minho image

- kara's mister.

kara and mister image

- 2ne1's can't nobody.

bom, 2ne1, and to anyone image

- miss a's i don't need a man.

mv, miss a, and i don't need a man image

- cl's mtbd.

kpop, mental breakdown, and CL image

- miss a's hush.

hush, kpop, and miss a image

- hyolyn's dally.

adidas, asian, and asian girl image

- cl's ain't no better feeling.

fashion, photography, and pretty image

- ateez's aurora.

kpop, gif, and ateez. aurora image

- gray's tmi.

gray, tmi, and gif image

- ateez's wave.

san, wooyoung, and yunho image

- victon's what time is it now?

kpop, victon, and gif image

- crush's oasis ft.zico.

crush, zico, and zion t image

- blackpink's playing with fire.

girl, kpop, and pretty image

- bts' go go.

dance, gif, and go go image

- uniq's eoeo.

kpop, mv, and uniq image

that's all! thank you for reading! have a nice day ahead!