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1. Your favourite band
twenty one pilots, tyler, and josh dun image twenty one pilots, josh dun, and tyler joseph image
twenty one pilots
2. The celebrity you would marry if you were given the chance
ryan reynolds image ryan reynolds and you need to calm down image
Ryan Reynolds. Now.
3. The celebrity you would turn gay/lesbian for
Image removed gossip girl and blair waldorf image
Leighton Meester
4. Your favourite rapper
concert, festival, and live image black & white and g-eazy image
5. A celebrity you would love to have their hair
Image by recentboca Image by AleksDmian
Ariana Grande
6. Your favourite actor
Image removed Image removed
Johnny Depp
7. Your favourite actress
Image removed scream queens and billie lourd image
Billie Lourd
8. Favourite Disney star(s)
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed
Dove Cameron, Cameron Boyce
9. Celebrity you would love to be best friends with
Image by Happy Pride 🏳️‍🌈 ezra miller image
Ezra Miller
10. Your favourite song-writer
photo, lockscreen, and charlieputh image charlie puth and Halloween image
Charlie Puth
11. The celebrity you would do anything to meet
Image removed boys, twins, and zack and cody image
Cole and Dylan Sprouse
12. A celebrity whose concert you would love to go
Image removed lana del rey image
Lana Del Rey
13. A celebrity who you would to kiss in a movie scene
elite and netflix image boy, denver, and elite image
Jaime Lorente
14. A celebrity you saw in concert

never been to a concert :3

15. A celebrity whose voice you would love to have
bebe, bebe rexha, and rexha image bebe, bebe rexha, and bebe rexha icon image
Bebe Rexha
16. A celebrity whose wardrobe you would love to own
blonde, chiara ferragni, and italian image blonde, chiara ferragni, and italian image
Chiara Ferragni
17. A celebrity you would like to bring back to life
cameron boyce, boy, and cameron image Image by summer •˖*˖˚✦
Cameron Boyce and Luke Perry
18. A celebrity you would love to have over for dinner
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Archie, boy, and icons image
KJ Apa
19. A celebrity you would love to trade lives with
millie bobby brown, stranger things, and coachella image Image by ✥ 도넛걸 ✥
Millie Bobby Brown
20. A celebrity you would love to interview
billie eilish image zendaya and billie eilish image
Billie Eilish

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