This is hard okayy. I'm 22 like obviously i watched a lot of movies and it's tough to choose from!! I'm overwhelmed like suddenly I don't remember any movies that i ever watched!!

1) The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

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What I really love about this movie is because it's not the typical live action remake. It's the story of what happened next after the cartoon one. More realistic more memorizing. Everything perfect!! The actor, the animals, the MOVIE.

He's Tarzan, you're Jane.. he'll come for you - evil bastard

2) Aquamarine (2006)

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This is a movie where you find really light. No harsh scene, easy to watch such a de-stress kind of movie. CUTE!!! My favourite scene is when they put on the starfish earring that just cute!

3) The Stepford Wives (2004)

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Please watch this movie.. It's so good and funny. Live for their style in the filem. BUT!!! I'm not supporting anything that their doing to their wife..

4) A Simple Favor (2019)

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HAHA this movie!! Simple with twist of thrilled just how I like it!! Blake Lively is so hot like always the clothes tho die for!!

5) Someone Great

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This movie love, heartbreak, friendship, closure, recovering
This movie is dope!!