What To Do When You Are Mad?

Hi, all hearters. Today I would love to share my anger management and hope y’all can practice it too <3

1.Take deep breaths

I know it’s a common thing people do when they’re mad but to help you relax, it begins by taking deep breaths.

2.Leave the situation/ conversation

Leave the situation/ conversation immediately and come back after you feel better. This is to prevent you from saying bad things and harsh words that eventually make you end up regretting what you said as you can’t take back your words.

3.Be quiet

We all have a beautiful mind and beautiful mind speaks words of wisdom. If you think the argument is pointless to you, stop talking. This doesn’t mean you pent up your anger, conversely this shows that you know how to control your anger and only respond when it’s important.

4.Sleep (Yes, you read it right)

If you are mad over a conversation, as been told in the second point of my article. Leave hastily and go to sleep. At least it doesn’t bother you when you sleep ;)

5.Make yourself busy

Go out, get your nails and hair done. Get a makeover. Write something on your diary/journal. Make a cup of coffee and read a book. Go for a jog or hit the gym. Nothing is better than do something productive that makes you forget why you’re mad.

Best hope that y’all can try this out hehe
Anne Nadine.