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aesthetic, architecture, and italy image flowers, art, and sculpture image
Meaning: "Dark Flower"


storm, sky, and clouds image art, black, and aesthetic image
Goddess of Storms, Nightmares and Ilusions


hair, red, and aesthetic image Abusive image skin, aesthetic, and white image Image by Fitiani Gozel
Long, straight black hair. Blue eyes. A petite and skinny body but still defined. Pale skin.


phoebe tonkin image sign, miracle, and blood image wings, black, and aesthetic image fashion, dress, and girl image
Eris- Goddess of Chaos


black, harry, and boys image hands and black image dark, black, and crane image jemma, ideally, and aesthetic image
Thanatos- God of Death


nature, lightning, and storm image snake, black, and aesthetic image
Lightning and sankes


aesthetic, blue, and quote image hand, light, and blue image
The ability to create storms, illusions and nightmares recreating the persons worst fear.


90s, aesthetic, and authentic image Temporarily removed books, quotes, and red queen image aesthetic, alternative, and background image
Sarcastic, bad-tempered, manipulative, loyal, loving, a rebel, seductive


sword image aesthetic and sword image

Goddess Style:

fashion and style image pretty image snake, gold, and slytherin image Image removed black, fashion, and dress image fashion, dress, and velvet image
Black dresses, sexy and seductive. Golden headpieces and jewelry.

Modern Style:

aesthetic, baby, and cherry image fashion, black, and outfit image girl image fashion, skirt, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image outfit, fashion, and black image


black, man, and black hair image Abusive image alternative, beauty, and body image aesthetic, aesthetics, and black image
Goddess of Insanity and The Dead
waves, sea, and ocean image water, sea, and boy image Inspiring Image on We Heart It boy, Hot, and sexy image
God of Violent Sea Storms
beauty, makeup, and eyeshadow image girl, beauty, and woman image fashion, white, and style image Temporarily removed
Goddess of Mischief
model image glass, aesthetic, and broken image aesthetic, wallpaper, and lovers image Abusive image
God of Zeal, Rivalry and Jealousy


boy, black, and blue image Mature image awww, body, and Dream image art and statue image
God of Darkness