note; astrology doesn't speak out to everyone so if it doesn't seem like you, don't worry and please don't think it's not accurate. everyone has different placemnets in their chart

Aries 3.21 - 4.19

Storm Witch

grunge, sky, and lightning image aesthetic, eyes, and girl image ocean, waves, and blue image sky, clouds, and nature image
You have the intense and overwhelming power of weather coursing through you. By manipulating lightning, thunder, wind, and rain, you can conquer anything with the influence of the atmosphere on your side.


Taurus 4.20 - 5.20

Animal Witch

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You're deeply in-tune with the animal kingdom and you can call upon earthly creatures to your aid. Even the most ferocious predators truth your energy.


Gemini 5.21 - 6.20

Faery Witch

butterfly, aesthetic, and alternative image cottage, flowers, and cottagecore image bottle, flowers, and spring image fairytale, magical, and fairy image
You have gained the trust of the faery world. You can travel there whenever you like, and communicate with the magical creatures whenever you need.


Cancer 6.21 - 7.22

Hearth Witch

beautiful, crown, and photograph image apothecary, aesthetic, and decor image flowers, garden, and nature image bird, aesthetic, and plants image
The home and the hearth is where your witch-heart resides. By dazing your cottage with magical, protective energy and creating healing potions from your own personal cauldron, you are a witch in the most traditional sense.


Leo 7.23 - 8.22

Deity Witch

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You have an open portal of communication with any deity whom you desire. Calling upon the wisdom and aid of a god/goddess of your choosing.


Virgo 8.23 - 9.22

Green Witch

aesthetic image plants, mirror, and aesthetic image Image by - home image


Libra 9.23 - 10.22

Love Witch

Image by ☾𝕲𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖑𝖉𝖊☽ spell, tarot, and witch image flowers, beautiful, and farm image Image by ⚜️Luna en el Cielo ⚜️
You are witch whom lost lovers go for help. You can brew the most alluring love potion, connect the perfect pair and entice any mortal with your powers of seduction.


Scorpio 10.23 - 11.21

Spirit Witch

Temporarily removed flowers, nature, and aesthetic image candle, fire, and aesthetic image book, plants, and home image
You are the witch who can communicate with the spirit existing in the afterlife, they can be loved ones, guardian angels or any entities.


Sagittarius 11.22 - 12.21

Hedge Witch

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By nature, you are a traveler. Your power relies on being able to fly away to distant lands. You are always going somewhere.

Capricorn 12.22 - 1.19

Charm Witch

aesthetic, gryffindor, and neville longbottom image coach, fashion, and fedora image books, photography, and library image magic, witch, and crystal image
You are enchanted by the riches found in the earth. You're either working with a crystal, a gem, a talisman or a stone. You can absorb its power.

Aquarius 1.20 - 2.18

Chaotic Witch

Witches image wanda maximoff image witch, candles, and witchcraft image potion, aesthetic, and green image
You are the witch who breaks rules and rebels against injustice. You may be considered a liability by some, but even yr fellow witches admire you.


Pisces 2.19 - 3.20

Sea Witch

fish, illusion, and teen image photography image sea, ship, and ocean image alternative, hipster, and indie image
Your powers are rooted in the depths of the sea, between the intensity of waves crashing the magic radiating from seashells.


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