Hello my lovers! Welcome to an article that is not a 30 days writing challenge! It's a " This or that " version fashion. This article is inspired of :

Necklace or bracelet?

accessories, aesthetic, and blue image jewelry, cute, and blouse image
I like both but I mostly wear necklace.

Rings or earrings?

nails, girl, and jewelry image rings, jewelry, and butterfly image
I'm in love with rings.

Coffin or almond nails?

nails, beauty, and butterfly image coffin, inspo, and long image
Coffin nails.

Handbags or bumbags?

bag, fashion, and accessories image Image removed
Handbags, I would like to have a bumbag but handbags are my favorite.

Heels or boots?

shoes, black, and fashion image off-white white heels image

Gold or silver?

nails, rings, and gold image Image by 🅔🅛🅔🅝🅐.🅝

Dress or skirt?

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, dress, and girl image
Dress, but it's kinda fun because I have more skirts than dresses.

Natural or glam makeup?

beauty, eyemakeup, and makeup image girls, ojo, and cafe image
Glam makeup but I'm a little bad at makeup.

Slides or sneakers?

Image removed comfy, fancy, and pink image

Jeans or shorts?

girl, summer, and boat image adventure, blonde, and fashion image
Short because it means summer but I'm having difficulty in finding a jeans short that fit me.

Cropped or oversized?

fashion, style, and outfit image tattoo image

Glasses or sunglasses?

fashion, sunglasses, and style image fashion, girl, and outfit image
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