Hey guys !

So this article is going to talk about something that concern a lot of people. Espacially people who thinks they fat or not enough beautiful.

Physical dysmorphophobia called Body Dismorphic Disorder (BDD) is, according the spychiatrist, a trouble which exalt negative images of the body, which exalt defects on the body.

Actually, physical dysmorphophobia affects teenagers. According specialists, the worries around image of self, are mostly at the beginning of adolescence. But this problem can concern everybody.

For exemple, a tall person, very thin, without big breast, who is suffering from physical dysmorphophobia, think that is a big problem if she doesn't have big breast or think she's too tall and its a problem even if it's not. And its an obsession.

A small person, not thin, with big breast, who is suffering from physical dysmorphophibia, think that is a big problem if she have big breast or if she's small, even if it's not. And it's an obsession.

If the problem persist, it might be useful to talk about it with somebody.


Love yourself. Compliment yourself. Don't compare you to others. Don't compare yourself to Instagram models, famous models, they's just like everybody. With insecure and doubts. That's what happens when some people want us to believe the mythe of perfect face and ideal body. But, it's just a mythe, so love yourself and cherish yourself, ans mostly, respect yourself because you are born this way.

Diana Tomaas.