Dear Readers,
the sun is Shining bright. The temperatures are high and there are so many Things we could do with our lives during summer break.
And what are we doing instead? Watching Netflix the whole day, Sleep in and spent way too much time on our phones.
But if you are willing to Change that, just Keep reading because I've got YOUR guide to YOUR perfect summer.

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1.Summer Job You never can go wrong with a summer Job. It is not only a very good opportunity to earn some Money, but it's also a good way to learn something About yourself. You'll learn how to be more friendly to strangers, speak louder, be more confident and you will gain great memories and experiences. I suggest that you choose a Job that you'll like. If you like Children, ask your neighbours if you could babysit their Children. If you like dogs or animals, volunteer at a shelter. I for instance, work in a small cafe where I sell ice cream and I really enjoy that work. So like me, you could work in a cafe, Restaurant or drive in. If you just finished School you could look for big companies who offer Jobs on an Assembly line. I know I know I said that you should look for a fun Job and let's be honest, those Jobs are hard and boring but at least you will earn a lot of Money in a short amount of time.
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'2. Bucket list' write a REALISTIC summer bucket list. Like reading that one book, you've been lokking Forward to read since forever. Going for a picnic with your Friends, do a movie night ( I especially redommend High School Musical), go for a walk or hike, make a sleepover, go to that one Museum you've Always wanted go to, or start one activity you've never had time to, like bullet Journal for instance. There are so many Things you can do during summer but make sure that the Things you write down are realistic because otherwise you might be disappointed.
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'3. Take time for yourself' Summer break is great for doing exciting Things but remember to take some days off for yourself. Stay in your PJ's all day, watch some Netflix, read a good book, have a bath or a good shower, do a face mask, paint your nails, stay in your bed the whole day. It's your choice. Just make sure that every once in a while you make a relaxed day at home.
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'4. Do that ONE thing' I am sure that you have one Thing or one activity you've been wanting do do in like forever. It can be going to the gym or the new yoga class in town, learn how to cook (by yourself or by taking classes), remodel your room, start bullet journaling, learn or improve a new language, pierce your ears or belly button, get a new tattoo or like in my case, start to write articles on we heart it.

'5. Enjoy your time' No matter what you are doing, enjoy it.Try to not care About what others might think and do what makes YOU happy and spent time with the People you like. That could be your best friend, your Family or your boyfriend. Spent some Quality time with some Quality people
I really hope that you all have a Wonderful summer.

XO Jana