write a short autobiography

Darkness and fear is how I would begin to decribe me.
While I try to give myself a better self-worth better everyday, there is still that little voice which is slowly killing me.

My name is Lexi. I'm now 22. Though in my head I feel like I'm stuck on 16. I live on a small island. And even though I barely know this place, I've always dream of bigger places, bigger cities.

The bad memories from my childhood keep on overshadowing the good ones. The years of depression make it hard for me to imagine any kind of future. Whether it is for the next five years, next month or tomorrow. Hard for me to open up because I think that nobody really cares. Ended up thinking that I'm just boring and nobody would want to heard about me. Wouldn't want to ruin the conversation. So I just don't talk. Always silent, invisible, watching, listening but rarely speak.

Things changed overtime however. They get better. Hope slowly comes back. Gradually overpowering the depression and anxiety. Trust is still difficult for me to give but I'm getting there. I'm getting stronger. And although I still get time where I just want to die, I'm not giving up this easily.