Hello lovelies! Last year, I tried to do 30 days writing challenge but it failed due to my laziness and not perfect timing. However, I'd like to try one more time because I find it fun, interesting, and that can help with my mental health as well. Basically, it's like a journal that you share with everyone.

This challenge is inspired by:


Okay so let's get started with DAY 1:

List ten things that make you really happy

1. Dogs (they are just so precious. Sometimes, I think that we don't deserve them)
2. Being able to make people smile or happy
3. Going out with friends
4. Make my parents proud or at least, hear compliments from them
5. Go shopping and actually found something that looks good on me
6. Pass an exam(s) or project(s)
7. Able to present my project in front of a lot of people without fucking it up
8. Music. I don't know how my life would be without music
9. Going somewhere. Travel to another countries/cities
10. Kiss someone that I love

That's it for day 1. I know that it's a weird timing to start the challenge because people usually start on the first day of the month. But well, it's better to do it now than later. Hopefully, I can do this challenge everyday. Thank you for reading this article. Hope you have a good day!

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