hey girlies,
today I will be sharing a playlist with you with
‘boybands’ related songs ill leave a link down
below to my playlist along with my ; link so you
can find my other playlists. i will most likely make
a girl group playlist so enjoy this playlist.

boyband playlist link

spotify link

okay ; chase atlantic

cassie ; chase atlantic

swim ; chase atlantic

friends ; chase atlantic

swamp ; brockhampton

strong ; one direction

clouds ; one direction

cornerstone ; arctic monkeys

cry baby ; the neighbourhood

void ; the neighbourhood

single ; the neighbourhood

the beach ; the neighbourhood

r u mine? ; arctic monkeys

why’d you only call me when you high? ; arctic monkeys

confidence : ocean alley

spring has sprung ; skeggs

kick on ; sticky fingers

chasing the sun ; the wanted

in the air ; dma’s