After abandoned this articles for almost a year I determine to finish what i started a year ago. I just need the feeling of accomplishment. Here it go again..

1) IDGAF Attitude

fuck what they think, badass quotes, and idgaf attitude image attitude, bags, and idgaf image Kendall, idgaf, and kendall jenner image cup, quotes, and white image

I'm really proud of myself to have this attitude tbh. Easier said than done but *patting myself at the back I'm at the highest level of idgaf.

2) Skin Color

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Living in the part of world where people get obsessive with their skin color wanting to be more fairer and whiter?? Just sad. Bleaching? Whitening? Vitamin c drip?? No thanks babe. I'm here just wanting a clear skin all day every day.

3) Hype People Up

girl, feminism, and aesthetic image

GIRLLLL I GOT YOUR BACK!! Feeling down? feeling like shit? I'm here for ya.