Sorry if there are ortographicals errors but I'm italian.
I hope you enjoy my article. If I have a positive response I will write many more.


For breakfast I drink a glass of orange juice with 3 rusks with strawberry jam, ideals for giving the right energy charge in the morning.

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For Lunch I eat a pasta dish with salmon and b矇chamel sauce. I love it.
And after I eat an apple.

attractive, cream, and dinner image Image by Maria

Afternoon snack

In the afternoon I give myself a good ice cream, in the summer i can't resist.

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For dinner I eat meatballs with spinach cream. They're really great.

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Before to go to sleep...

I drink a cup of herb tea. It helps me to relaxing. And there are some types of herb tea: detox, relaxing, refreshing ... you just choose the right one for you.

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