Hey guys, what's up? Happy Monday! I hope you have a great week .

So today's article is about some of my favourite characters' aesthetic. Let's begin.

1. Favourite female character

alternative, girl, and nature image Image removed art, paint, and aesthetic image quotes, neon, and pizza image
Clary Fairchild - The mortal instruments

2. Favourite male chararacter

beauty, animal, and black image eye, eyes, and gold image brother, Letter, and black image Image removed
Sohan Kishan Rajaram - The tigers' chronicles

3.Favourite non- protagonist character

hair, rose, and red image cristina rosales image coffee, aesthetic, and drink image quotes, words, and love image
Cristina Mendoza Rosales - The Dark Artifices

4.Favourite non- human character

eye, pink, and eyes image hands, black, and stars image quotes image
Magnus Bane - The mortal instruments

5. Favourite villain

snake, green, and slytherin image draco malfoy, harry potter, and slytherin image green, neon, and quotes image harry potter image
Tom Marvolo Riddle/ Lord Voldemort - Harry Potter

So that's for today guys.

I hope you liked my article.