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Hey babes! So I know that it is still summer break, or at least for some people, but I want to share tips on how to make any high school or middle school sports team, specifically cheer or dance team! Although these tips are geared towards cheer and dance, most tips will work for any sport! I've been a 3 year member on my high school dance team, JV and Varsity. Here are my tips for making the team!

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Tip #1: You must have a GOOD and CHEERFUL attitude
So when you first go to tryouts, it can be very nerve-racking. You may seem intimidated by some of the older members, but that's 100% normal! You have to show that you want to be there, and even though it may be hard, smile and have a good attitude.

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Tip #2: Be polite and friendly to the coaches
If possible, meet the coaches and introduce yourself to make a GOOD first impression. If you do, they will most likely remember your name and have a good feeling about you. You will stand out amongst the others.

Tip #3: Confident Body Language!
This is super important! Not only do you have to speak in a confident manner, but you have to have confident BODY LANGUAGE. What the heck does that mean? It means, stand up/ sit up tall, smile, don't slouch/ cross arms, because it will give off bad vibes that you don't want to be there. For dance tryouts, you will have to most likely learn and perform a dance and tryout against 2 or 3 other girls in front of judges, so SMILE and make EYE CONTACT

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Tip #4: Do your best and don't feel embarrassed to go hard!
A lot of times, we may feel we might appear to be showing off, or may get intimidated by others, so we don't give all of our potential. Think about you and be in your own world If you want to practice the cheer/dance routines or practice your leaps or tumbling, go for it! It will show your determination and passion to make the team

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Tip #5: Dress Spirited
So most dance/cheer teams have you wear specific attire for the legit tryout day, (such as all black, tank top and shorts, etc) but if there is no specific attire, wear school colors, or hair bows to show spirit and also stand out a little better!

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Tip #6: Never Danced or Cheered Before??
I know many girls who had not had cheer and dance experience before trying out for the teams. However, they made the teams by showing Dedication, spirit, passion, and energy! YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DO 6 BACK HANDSPRINGS or 5 PIROUTEES to be able to make the team My good friend had only practiced dancing at home and never had training, but smiled and showed good energy and perseverance and made JV her freshman year! So Don't feel that you don't have a chance because you haven't had a lot of training!

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Tip #7: How to prepare for tryouts!
Look over the requirements for what you need to know for the team, this may include turns, flexibility, attitude, energy, teacher recommendations, etc.) If there is a trick or a requirement you can't do, such as knowing how to do the splits, STRETCH and watch videos in advance! Also, see if your friends want to tryout with you so you are not alone! If you are alone, try to meet people! I met returning dance team memebers and also new girls who were in the same boat as me.

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That's it boos! Thanks for reading! Follow and Heart for more articles!

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