good evening my dudes

so i actually wasn't going to write anything tonight but i suddenly had this realization that i wasn't tired enough to not write anything

that is why i'm providing this casual tag since it's something i had in my drafts for awhile yet never got to

though i'm not totally prepared for this and this may take a chunk of my night from watching my absolute boyfriend, i decided this was probs the best thing to start (btw i'm not far in the drama if you guys have heard or seen it but i'm not totally sure what i think about it yet)

i've seen a couple of these tags from time to time and they continue to evolve into different questions, mine being either a mix of those or my own lol

now i'm just going to end this intro here, thanks for reading my dudes and i love all my fellow kpopers out there

p.s my questions are probs out of order or sum, i'm not too sure if its like organized lol

credit to all my bishes out there that created tags like these because in all honesty i feel like there is more than one person that deserves it ~

тwenтy тwo ĸpop qυeѕтιonѕ

T.O.P, bigbang, and big bang image
by giricatt
001: ғιrѕт ĸpop ѕong ♡
kwon ji yong, bigbang, and g-dragon image bad boy, bigbang, and big bang image
bigbang: badboy
002: wнaт era dιd yoυ geт ιnтo ĸpop ♡
bts, jimin, and kpop image moon, beach, and aesthetic image
around 2014 when myungsoo's face was unavoidable on wattpad
003: very ғιrѕт groυp yoυ ѕтanned ♡
infinite, kpop, and sungjong image wallpaper, aesthetic, and background image
infinite ♡
004: тop ғoυr мale вιaѕ groυpѕ ♡
nct, yuta, and nakamoto yuta image aesthetic, ice cream, and food image
got7 exo nct txt
i lowkey focus on my ult group nowadays but i causally like a lot of groups
i think got7 and exo have just stuck with me for awhile and nct and txt are groups i genuinely keep up with
005: тop ғoυr ғeмale вιaѕ groυpѕ ♡
mamamoo and hwasa image sky, travel, and car image
mamamoo, g-idle, blackpink, itzy
i loved sistar, 2ne1, and apink also but they all disbanded, shoutout to aoa as well <3
006: ғιrѕт ever вιaѕ ♡
infinite, kpop, and sungyeol image flowers, aesthetic, and nature image
technically sungyeol cause i definitely acknowledged him as my bias but before i even knew of the group infinite i had my eye on myungsoo for sure
007: υlтιмaтe вιaѕ ♡
bts, jimin, and lq image love, aesthetic, and mood image
my bby jimin
008: ғavorιтe ғeмale мv ♡
hyuna and kim hyuna image glitter, grunge, and party image
hyuna: roll deep + mamamoo: starry night
literally the atmosphere was everything on both mv's, hands down
009: ғavorιтe мale мv ♡
bts, jungkook, and jimin image sky, clouds, and aesthetic image
bts: blood sweat & tears & run + exo: love shot + epik high: born hater
i love the concepts of these mv's and the production :)
010: an arтιѕт yoυ woυld нave aѕ yoυr вeѕтιe ♡
2ne1 and CL image theme, aesthetic, and rp image
lee chaerin and min yoongi
cl lowkey be my mama
011: an arтιѕт yoυ woυld нave aѕ yoυr вoyғrιend ♡
woosung, the rose, and kpop image aesthetic image
kim woosung, byun baekhyun and park jimin
first off how could i not date my ult bias and second of off i would not mind dating a pisces and a taurus
012: an arтιѕт yoυ woυld нave aѕ yoυr нυѕвand ♡
hongjoong, kim hongjoong, and ateez image hipster, indie, and minimal image
kim namjoon, kim hongjoong, and dean
what they have in common is that they are really admirable and talented, + hongjoong and dean are scorpios and namjoon has a scorpio rising
013: ғavorιтe ιdol ĸdraмa ♡
Image removed coffee, aesthetic, and drink image
hmm.. scarlet heart ryeo and hwarang
i'm not even going to front, i'm such a critical person when it comes to reviewing honestly anything but these were good
lmao besides me liking a good historical drama, the cast really pulled through and everyone had amazing chemistry
i'm giving a shout out to goblin though.. i didn't like it more than these two but it involved high class writing and creativity which imma acknowledge (sungjae from btob was in it)
and not to prolong this but shoutout to hi! school- love on and shut up flower boy band as well lol
014: ғavorιтe ѕυrvιval ѕнow ♡
loopy, kid milli, and khh image aesthetic image
show me the money
015: do yoυ own any ĸpop мercн ♡
Image removed aesthetic, sky, and clouds image
is that even a question lmao
bts merch i either got from japan or the love yourself speak yourself concert
i think the only merch i had for awhile was one of those fabric posters of kim namjoon, then i got a calender which i still use from the blood, sweat, and tears era, then when i went to the concert i got a huge poster card of jimin's face, a lightstick, and a hoodie, then lastly is all the bt21 stuff i recently got when i went to japan
bt21 is just the cutest and most smartest thing ever, like who wouldn't want to buy adorable hand drawn characters
016: вeѕт 2019 coмeвacĸ ♡
bts, jin, and v image aesthetic, blue, and clouds image
bts: boy with luv
but i do want to mention that straykids: miroh and a.c.e: undercover were really good like holy-
017: any ĸpop concerт eхperιenceѕ ♡
concert, jin, and v image neon, light, and heart image
yes as of this year in may and i still get supa happy thinking about it
i went to the love yourself speak yourself concert with my friend in chicago and it was amazing, the experience felt like a flash of light in which i balled when jimin performed serendipity
i think i was in a washed up wreak of tears because i was so stressed that i was going to be late but i didn't have time to panic so when jimin came on it's like i could finally breath and i lost it
txt was actually in a room above my section so like it amazes me i got to see them too
but i'm gonna save the rest of this story for a different article because a lot occurred to the point of nearly not going, to nearly not making it, to my friend continuously throwing up on the way home lol
018: a groυp тнaт мaĸeѕ мe laυgн ♡
kpop, btob, and born to beat image cake, delicious, and food image
btob oh my gosh they are hilarious, i freaking love them
019: ғavorιтe 2019 ѕong ♡
soobin, k-pop, and txt image drink, pink, and flowers image
txt: cat and dog + bts: make it right
020: ғavorιтe ѕoloιѕтѕ ♡
crush, dog, and low quality image fashion image
dean, zico, giriboy, villain, jeebanoff, cl. haon, beenzino, sik-k, crush, gaho, penomeco, mino, dpr, zion. t, taemin, nucksal, jay park
021: мy υnpopυlar ĸpop opιnιonѕ ♡
bts, vmin, and jimin image sky, clouds, and aesthetic image
bts are legends. period.
fanwars are petty and hateful
022: υlтιмaтe groυp ♡
bts, taehyung, and v image aesthetic, bear, and beige image

now i'm going to go watch sailor moon now

but WAIT don't leave yet i'm actually still here lol

i have a nonchalant favor to ask

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