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Seeing King Princess live filled a void I didnโ€™t even know existed. Before buying my ticket to pride, I had only known two or three of her songs, but I knew she would be great live. When the opportunity presented itself to see her, I couldnโ€™t refuse. Before going to her show, I did a little bit of studying, so I knew at least the choruses of her popular songs. I thought I knew what to expect, but I was mistaken, she blew my expectations out of the water.

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She was sassy and witty between songs. Due to her limited set time of less than an hour, she tried to play as many songs as possible, and she did just that it. She played every song I loved of hers including โ€œCheap Queenโ€ and โ€œUpper West Side,โ€ my two favorites.

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Her most famous song is โ€œ1950,โ€ it got quite a bit of radio play in my city. Due to this, I expected way more people to be fighting to see her as my friends, and I were, but we were able to get great standing spots while not being too squished. The crowd was welcoming and all fans of KPโ€™s music. I felt very at ease the entire show.

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Due to the venue being Pride, and KIng Princess being is a standout lesbian figure in the music industry, her performance felt more meaningful and intimate. Her performance was incredibly significant to a lot of people who attended due to her openly gay lyrics. KP's songs aren't something you hear on the radio every day. People can connect with it more personally than what is currently dominating the airwaves. I believe it is so much more meaningful and has a stronger message than a lot of what I've heard on the radio.

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I love her sound, and I encourage everyone to listen to her no matter their favorite type of music.

Essential songs to listen to:
โ˜… Cheap Queen
โ˜… Upper West Side
โ˜… 1950
โ˜… Holy
โ˜… Talia

Message me your favorite King Princess song!

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