I started my very first office job this summer, and at first I was at a loss for appropriate workwear that was also summer friendly. These are some of the essentials that I have found really complete my wardrobe for work.

1. summer dresses

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As long as they are conservative enough for the office, a dress is the perfect easy outfit to wear to work.

2. skirt

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a great basic that can be styled in many different ways

3. cardigan

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You can add this to any outfit as an extra styling piece, use it to keep warm if it is too cold inside the office, and layer it over almost any shirt to make it work appropriate.

4. button up

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an officewear essential for any season

5. color palette

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This is less of an item and more of a general guideline, but sticking to one color palette (mine white, tan, and navy) limits the amount of clothing you need to buy because more of your pieces match.

6. backpack

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You could use a purse, but a backpack is much easier to carry around and just as functional.
In this article, I show you what I carry in my backpack to work.

Thank you so much for reading!