~Mental health > ANYTHING!!!! You always need a mental break from school, work, people, etc. if you don't it will make you feel worse. Take the time away from everything.

~Love yourself and who you are before you can love another.

~Second chances are ok, but never give someone a third chance in your life.


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~Social media ain't all that. Don't be addicted to it and don't let it run your life.

~Cherish everyone and everything around you.

~Step outside your boundaries sometimes! Go on adventure you never thought you would, meet new people, go new places, try a new hobby, etc.

~Listen to your brain. It's smart. Your heart runs on emotions.

~Wear what you want. Whenever you want.

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~Chubby is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

~Try not to overthink so much. It is hard especially if you have an overactive imagination like me, but find something to get your mind off things that are bothering you.

~Live your life at your own pace. People that I graduated with are getting married, having kids, going to college and becoming real adults... yeeaahhhhh that's not my thing right now. That. Is. Okay!

~Just get the piercing, or dye your hair or get the tattoo! Its fun!

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~Even though your family doesn't approve, doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it. They aren't you and they aren't living your life. Listen to your head and what you want, not what they want.

~Caffeine isn't always necessary...

~Family is very very important. Cherish any moments you have with them no matter what.

~Take pictures often. They're always nice to look back on and cherish.

~Don't let people in your life that are toxic in any way, shape or form to you or your life. Keep the people close to you who care and check up on you as much as you do them.

~Never settle, You're worth way more than that.

~Smile. It can make a persons day even if they're a stranger.

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