Hello everybody!

I got the idea for this by this article (;

top 4 groups

exo, Chen, and kai image red velvet, joy, and wendy image Image by ๐ŸŒ™ ๐”ป๐•ฃ๐•–๐•’๐•ž ๐ŸŒ™ soft, cute, and nct 127 image
exo, red velvet, blackpink, nct (all units)

top 4 males biases

exo, chanyeol, and park chanyeol image lucas, nct, and nct u image jaehyun, nct, and nct 127 image k pop, skz, and hyunjin image
chanyeol, lucas, jaehyun, hyunjin

top 4 female biases

asian, korean, and korean girl image Inspiring Image on We Heart It red velvet, seulgi, and kang seulgi image gg, girl group, and SM image
suzy, rosรฉ, seulgi, taeyeon

first k-pop song you heard

kpop image
miss a; good bye baby

ult bias

chanyeol, exo, and kpop image

favorite k-pop song

dance, denim, and music image
taemin; move

favorite ships

Image removed mark, mark lee, and lq image
exo, f(x), and kim jogin image

chanbaek, markhyuck, kaistal

favorite mv

Image removed
Image removed
ten; dream in a dream and nct u yestoday (i canยดt choose, i love both)

ult female bias

Image removed Image removed Image removed asian, beautiful, and taeyeon image
kim taeyeon

ult male bias

aesthetic, kpop, and exo image chanyeol, exo, and kpop image exo, chanyeol, and park chanyeol image aesthetic, kpop, and exo image
park chanyeol

favorite leaders

taeyeon, instagram, and kpop image stray kids, bang chan, and kpop image Image by Anaรฎs Henrondale Image removed Image removed Image by onew_jennki0514 lee boys, photography, and tour image itzy, yeji, and kpop image
taeyeon, chan, suho, irene, jihyo, onew, taeyong, yeji

favorite maknaes

SHINee, Taemin, and kpop image kim yerim, yeri, and red velvet image lisa, rose, and jennie image exo, what a life, and sehun image
taemin, yeri, lisa, sehun

favorite male visuals

baekhyun, exo, and kpop image beauty, kpop, and wanna one image taeyong, wayv, and leetaeyong image Image by ms hendery image v and bts image
baekhyun, seongwoo, taeyong, hyunjin, hendery, v

favorite female visuals

irene, red velvet, and kpop image aesthetic, icons, and kpop image iu, actress, and aesthetic image girls generation, kpop, and snsd image
irene, rosรฉ, iu, yoona

favorite rappers

epik high, dj, and kpop image taeyong, nct, and kpop image mark, mark lee, and lq image mino, korean, and kpop image beautiful, jennie, and blackpink image korean, kpop, and loco image one, jaewon, and tattoo image Image by โ™กโ™กRosรฉโ™กParkโ™กโ™ก
epik high, taeyong, mark lee, mino, jennie, loco, one, lisa

favorite k-dramas

doramas and hello my twenties image
forever, the best

favorite idol in dramas

suzy, kpop, and miss a image
bae suzy

do you have k-pop related merch?

just the exo lightstick

Image removed

ever been to a k-pop concert?

Yehet. SHINee and EXO concerts

exo, SHINee, and lightstick image

favorite vocalist

taeyeon, instagram, and snsd image Inspiring Image on We Heart It iu, kpop, and palette image korean, korean girl, and kpop image yge, lee hi, and solois image nct, haechan, and kpop image do, exo, and d.o kpop image amy lee, pretty, and woman image
taeyeon, baekhyun, iu, baek yerin, lee hi, haechan, ailee, d.o

favorite choreography

gif, Move, and Taemin image
taemin; move is the BEST for me
gif, kpop, and red velvet image
red velvet; peek a boo
gif, joy, and wendy image
red velvet; russian roulette
dance, gif, and kpop image
anda; what you waiting for
Image removed
ten; dream in a dream
Temporarily removed
girl's generation oh gg!; lilยดtouch

favorite debut (2018)

lia, itzy, and ryujin image

favorite albums

baek yerin, album, and kpop image
baek yerin; FRANK
album, kpop, and vinyl image
nct 127; limittless
album, kpop, and sunmi image
sunmi; WARNING
Image removed
nct 127; cherry bomb
nct, nct127, and nct empathy image

favorite female soloist

JYP, kgirls, and miyayeah image gg, girl group, and SM image lee hi image 15& image heize image iu image
sunmi, taeyeon, lee hi, baek yerin, heize, IU

favorite male soloist

SHINee, Taemin, and kpop image Image by celery ! dean, deantrbl, and korean image kpop, rap, and zico image

favorite song at the moment

music, cute, and album image
red velvet; sunny side up!

which idol would you date?

i love so many idols so it's imposible choose just one :(

If you read until here (cuz itยดs too long) thank u so much <3

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