Hey lovies!!! i've been wanting to do this for awhile and iv'e been away out of town for a hot second too so i decided to make some of my favortie people in the world the appreciation post that they deserve!!!!!!

Also big creds to every one else who has written this idea!!


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Omg my best friend ever !!! She is literally SUCH a queen, we have so many AMAZE memorize together. We can go to each other for everything and talk about anything ever . She is sososo sweet and funny and knows how to tease you lmaoo she was the one who got me into kpop and we actually share this account ! SHES THE BEST EVER AND WE HAVE SO MANY INSIDE JOKES AND PROJECTS TOGETHER AND AAAAAAA


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A whole icon !! Soff girl TM her fashion is EVERYTHING!!! She is so funny and always makes everyone the sweetest things ever ! We lit rally talk in this meme all the time and we always talk about musicals and making tik toks lmao - SHES SO HUMBLE AND NICE TOO LIKE GIRLLLLLLL SHE EVERYTHANG !!!!!


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oh my god I love this man SO MUCH !! A gamer boi, he's like two years older than me and we actaully meet at my big bothers birthday party . HES SUCH AN ICON like we always send jiff pom memes and cursed images to each other and we have a whole big trip planned out for when we turn 18 and aaaaaa hes just the balm . com !!!!!!!


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Our musical queeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnn ! We first bonded over musicals and tv shows that we've watched . She is so FUNNY eyE---- A sharcastic shihtar ((( sorry lmao ))) social and has introduced me to so many amazing people. Her doggos are so babie and the cutest ever and one of thems name is ophelia and :((( they are everything AND SO IS SHE!!!!


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Ok so mia is a pretty new friend but shes actually who i've been out in la with all summer and OH MY GOD SHE IS SUCH AN ICON!!!!!!!!! We are always on the same brain wave and she is always down for an adventure or just chillin. She also has intoduced us too SO many amazing people like fr she is just the best :((( She loves to make short films and we've made 2 together while we've been out here heheh


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My bb omg uwu - So giada is like one year younger then me so shes my daughter and baby sister from another mister at the same time lmaooo shes so sweet and tiny and babie and she loves blackpink so much , SHES SO TALENTED SHE KNOWS ALL OF THE DANCES LIKE THE BACK OF HER HAND AND TAUGHT THEM TOO ME UGH A TRUE QUEEN !!!!


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A real legend . Shes been through so so much but is SO strong and brave and never lets anything get to her!! Shes always beyond honest and always says whats on her mind. A peace maker !!! We meet at an acting camp two years ago and HOMEGIRL IS SO TALENTED OMG she got the LEAD this year!!!


I hope you guys like this lil soft moment!!!!!! Lmao sorry for bad spelling an stuff shes kinda unedited . I might come back with a part two soon!!! N e ways love you guys so much and everyone reading ! Have a great one xooxox