Inspired by

Mermaids or angels?

angel, demon, and quotes image fashion, outfits, and style image

The 1900s or 2000s?

quotes, 13 going on 30, and movie image mean girls and aesthetic image
The 2000s

Smooth Jazz or beautiful classical?

classical, music, and study image Flagged For Review

Extrovert, ambivert or introvert?

meme, funny, and lol image broken, alone, and anxiety image

Chocolate bars or lollipops?

chocolate, girl, and black and white image cake and food image

Movies or books?

book, light, and read image book, library, and reading image

Spring or Fall?

autumn, fall, and leaves image fashion, beautiful, and chic image

Rain or Sunshine?

Image by arzu rain, autumn, and city image

Dancing or singing?

couple, love, and beach image on stage, tour, and photo image

Tea, coffee, or hot chocolate?

fashion, outfits, and style image coffee, food, and cake image

Favorite song?

goodbyes, life, and real image close, hurts, and Lyrics image
Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith

Favorite scent?

rose, flowers, and pink image flowers, rose, and red image

Wake-up hour?

blonde, dreams, and pretty image fashion, outfits, and style image

Favorite book?

after, hessa, and hardin scott image book, novel, and dan brown image
After by Anna Todd and The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

First Idol?

selena gomez, smile, and selena image celebrities, gomez, and selena image
Selena Gomez

Favorite subject?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It calligraphy, chemistry, and home image

Least favorite subject?

beau, black, and girl image egyptian, fantastic, and history image

Greatest wish?

girl, beach, and smile image couple, love, and goals image
to be happy and healthy

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed!