Hi guys! How are you? I'm doing okay. ☺

I came across a few articles with this concept, but I found the idea here:

I thought this would be fun, so let's get to it! (I may twist it a little).

my style

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i wear lots of brandy melville, but i stopped buying from them. now, i only buy from sustainable, high quality brands like patagonia! remember, fast fashion is a horrible industry and it's far more worth it to spend more money on higher quality clothing that will last you longer. anyways, i mainly wear brandy shirts with jeans or jean shorts.

color(s) i represent

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i love every color, and i think i represent each one!

food choices

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strawberry banana smoothies are my favorite <3 also rice and mock chicken!! not real chicken!! i went vegan when june started and i'm so happy about it!


wallpaper, planet, and background image aoc image Image by Anna communism, etsy, and Soviet Union image
our universe, politics/political systems, philosophy, consciousness, political systems, and saving the planet from the GERMS that are capitalism, toxic masculinity and heteronormativity


battle, kindness, and mots image friends, tumblr, and night image protest, climate change, and climate image feminism, feminist, and girl image
kind and understanding, outgoing, passionate


city and aesthetic image travel, summer, and dinner image desert, nature, and tropical image theme, aesthetic, and travel image drawing, bullet journal, and draw image amazing, astronaut, and astronomy image
travel a lot, study and learn endlessly about my interests, go to outer space, spread as much love as i can, help our world/universe in any way i can

that's about it! i hope you guys enjoyed this article and learned something about me and maybe even yourself.

if you have any questions or just want to become friends, send me a message! <3

p.s. you are loved ALWAYS i promise u ok? and you are so valuable, if you ever feel incapable of anything pls remember that's just ur head + emotions messing w u

p.p.s. emotions are normal, NO ONE is happy all the time, it's normal to be sad or mad or angry!! if u need a friend or love just message me ok i love you