1. Your favorite band

gallagher, liam gallagher, and live forever image arctic monkeys, indie, and alex turner image
Oasis & Arctic monkeys

2. the celebrity you would marry if you were given the chance.

cillian murphy, actor, and peaky blinders image cillian murphy image
Cillian murphy, what a fucking man

3. The celebrity you would turn lesbian/gay for

hayley williams and paramore image hayley williams and paramore image
Hayley Williams

4- Your Favorite Actress

Image removed 1999, actress, and Steven Meisel image
Winona ryder

5- The celebrity who was your first crush

chad michael murray and boy image Image removed
Chad michael murray

6- A celebrity who you would like to kiss in a movie scene

jake gyllenhaal and JAKe image jake gyllenhaal, actor, and Hot image
Jake gyllenhall

7- A celebrity you would love to trade lives with

blake lively image gossip girl, blake lively, and smile image
blake lively

8- Your favorite disney star/s

jonas brothers, Joe Jonas, and kevin jonas image Temporarily removed
Jonas brothers & MIley cyrus

9- A celebrity you would love to be best friends with

ed sheeran and Versace image ed sheeran image
Ed sheeran

10- Your favorite song-writer

Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨ alex turner and arctic monkeys image
Noel gallagher & Alex turner

11- Actor/Actress from your favorite movie

ashton, film, and movie image Image removed
Ashton kutcher in butterfly efect

12- Actor/Actress from your favorite tv show

friends, chandler, and quotes image friends, chandler bing, and Matthew Perry image
Chandler bing from friends

13- The celebrity you would do anything to meet

Harry Styles image boy, sexy, and perfect image
Harry styles

14- A celebrity whose concert you would love to go

cage the elephant image catfish and the bottlemen image
Cage the elephant & Catfish and the bottlemen

15- A celebrity you would like to bring back to life

Queen image kurt cobain and nirvana image
Freddie mercury & Kurt Cobain

16- A celebrity you would love to have over for dinner

tom hiddleston and loki image tom hiddleston and black and white image
Tom hiddleston

17- A celebrity whose voice you would to have

Amy Winehouse image Amy Winehouse image
Amy winehouse

18- A celebrity whose wardrobe you would love to own

selena gomez, style, and selena image selena gomez, pretty, and selena image
Selena gomez

19- A celebrity you saw in concert

concert, live performance, and music image the 1975 and pink image

20- A celebrity you would love to interview

ryan reynolds image ryan reynolds, deadpool, and sexy image
Ryan reynolds