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so since i'm basing these these off of typical traits from the signs these will obviously not be 100% accurate for everyone. i mean i'm an aries and i only half identify with mine. hope y'all enjoy this!

dragon, fire, and fantasy image art, dragon, and fantasy image
aries - dragon; dragons are seen as powerful and untamed creatures so I matched it with aries, which is the sign of aggression and courage. dragons tend to live in areas that humans don't go to, like the unknown sea and mountain tops. this is similar to the way in which aries are pioneers and they're not afraid to take their ideas to places other have not.
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taurus - pegasus; a pegasus is often associated with strength, and taurus is a strong and persevering individuals. the pegasus represents innate talent, gifts, and all things that will make one as prosperous as a taurus. it symbolizes the gift of speech while taurus represents the throat and neck.
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gemini - pixie; pixies can be helpful to those who need it yet they can also be tricky and nasty if bothered. this is similar to how geminis are so flexible that it can at times seem like a separate personality.
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cancer - fairy; cancers are typically sensitive. they are self-protective and retreat when hurt. because fairies are small, they must also be careful not to be hurt. fairies are gentle, nurturing, and conservative like a cancer.
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leo - griffin; griffins are courageous and bold just like a leo. the sign of leo is represented by a lion, the king of the jungle, and it represents leadership and strength. this is similar to how the griffin was used as a symbol of strength and military courage.
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virgo - unicorn; unicorns are shy, tentative creatures just like a virgo. virgos are considered to be helpful similar to how a unicorn is considered to have a nurturing power. both represent feminine energy and chastity. there is even a myth that only a virgin, which represents virgo, can catch a unicorn.
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libra - sphinx; the sphinx is a wise and fair creature. in egyptian mythology it protects and in greek mythology it gives out a riddle. if you answer wrong you will die but if you answer correctly it will kill itself. libras are wise and seek balance similar to a sphinx.
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scorpio - siren; everyone has heard of the sirens that lure sailors to their deaths. their song allows them to hold a power over the sailors. this is similar to scorpio which is a powerful sign. they can at times be manipulative and psychological.
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sagittarius - centaur; centaurs are creatures that are not afraid to run wild. at time, however, they can be barbaric and chaotic. a sagittarius is adventurous and enthusiastic but at time they can also be irresponsible.
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capricorn - werewolf; capricorn is a sign that is introverted and likes to be alone. They also favor structure, although, the only structure a werewolf is likely to have is the certainty of what will happen at a full moon. werewolves tend to isolate themselves out of fear that they might harm a loved one.
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aquarius - phoenix; a phoenix is a bird that burns and emerges from the ashes to start a new life. it represents life, death, and rebirth. an aquarius is forward thinking and growth oriented. they are not afraid to start again. the water bearer is even said to wash away the past in order to leave room for new beginnings.
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pisces - mermaid; mermaids are said to represent beauty. they are helpful and guide lost sailors with their songs. pisces is a compassionate individual. they are artistic with an eye for beauty. they are also musical which coincides with the mermaid's singing
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