IT HAS BEEN AMAZING, watching the Dark Academia aesthetic grow on this website over the past few months.

When I wrote my first article about this lovely aesthetic, I put out that it was a small aesthetic few knew about. Now, I am happy to say that I come across articles and posts about it every day.

Writers, artists, poets, and lovers of literature have come together to share their love for, what is in literature called campus novels - but we like replace that name with dark academia stories. Stories that revolve around young artists falling in love and getting into trouble; stories that make us cry and make us mad; stories that make us smile and create.

And so, dear readers and hearters, today I plan to introduce you to some of my favorite Dark Academia movies. I hope you enjoy this article, and hopefully, fall in love with these movies just as I did.

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Being the most talked-about movie in Dark Academia, Dead Poets Society brings us into a private academy for boys in New England. The students must follow many rules and are expected to listen to every word their parents and teachers say.

However, this all changes when the school hires a new English teacher. Mr. John Keating (Robin Williams), who graduated from the very same school, teaches the students about literature and poetry, and encourage them to be proud of themselves. He tells them two simple words: Carpe Diem (seize the day)!

Two of his students, Neil (Robert Leonard) and Todd (Ethan Hawke) feels inspired by Keating's lessons and reestablishes a club their teacher was a member of when he attended the school: the Dead Poets Society. The club soon brings a lot of unexpected trouble in their lives.

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Though not revolving around school, this brilliant movie from 2010 is still considered to be a movie that inspired the Dark Academia aesthetic. In the movie, we follow Nina (Natalie Portman), a ballerina from New York City.

The New York City ballet company is preparing to open its new season with Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake and thinks that Nina is the perfect fit for the White Swan, with her innocence and grace. However, she fails to embody the Black Swan, who represents guile and sensuality.

The company wants to cast someone who can represent both roles, and Nina is therefore forced to change. We watch as she gets in touch with her darker side, which slowly brings her into a fit of madness.

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This movie from 1987 tells a story of coming to terms with one's sexuality and identity in the face of disapproval and misunderstanding.

Maurice Hall (James Wilby) and Clive Durham (Hugh Grant) find themselves falling in love at Cambridge in a time when homosexuality is punishable by imprisonment. They must keep their romance a secret.

But after a friend is arrested, Clive abandons his forbidden love and marries a woman, while Maurice continues to struggle with his identity.

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I expect my readers soon will grow tired of hearing me go on about this movie, but I don't think I will - I love it too much.

The movie takes place in early 1940. Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) is majoring in English at Colombia University, where he meets Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan). Allen discovers that the only reason Lucien manages to stay at the university is because of an older professor and that there are hidden truths behind their relationship.

Carr introduces Ginsberg to his friends, and together they make a gang that would soon explore new literary ideas and challenges the sensibilities of their time. It doesn't take long before Ginsberg falls in love with Carr, and we watch as their creativity and choices lead to serious transgressions that would mark their lives forever.

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Based on Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray from 1890, this movie fits for those who find movies more interesting than books.

Enchanted by Victorian England's secret delights, the charming, innocent, and kind young man, Dorian Gray (Ben Barnes), surrenders to temptation and the elegant society of London.

To capture the essence of beauty and the ephemeral excellence of a youthful body, artist Basil Hallward paints Dorian's eternal picture, and before long, the profound impact of such an intoxicating portrait slithers into the depths of the youth's soul.

Now, Dorian is ready to do anything in his power to stay forever young, including an unbreakable vow with dark forces beyond comprehension. But what is the price of everlasting grace?

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Thank you for reading! Moving on, would you guys like to see more of Dark Academia fashion or book recommendations in my articles? Feel free to message me anytime.

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