I wanted to share what I keep in my bag with me. This is the bag I would take to work or just to hang out with some friends.

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I use a small black backpack because I think it looks casual enough to bring anywhere, but nice enough to bring to work.
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I obviously bring my phone with me, and I also bring earphones to listen to music on the train home.

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I use a lip balm from Burt's Bees that smells like coconut and pear, and I also always have a lip gloss. Sometimes, I will also bring some makeup to put on in the car if I know I am running late.

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I like to always have a pen with me just in case.

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I also have a wallet.

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I bring Tylenol just in case I get a headache or arm pains from lifting boxes.

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I always bring hand sanitizer, and I use it several times each day. I also bring mint oil that I apply to my temples if I get very stressed out.

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If I'm going to work, I try and bring a lunch with me. I also bring gum because I hate having bad breath.

Thank you for reading!