Hello again!

Another update :

""DAY 9""
Didn't notice that much of a difference in my physical features but I kinda manifested some silly things without even knowing like: a kinder bueno ice cream lol

""DAY 10""
- Suddenly a lot of people ask me to go on a night out TONIGHT (best friend, group of friends, old friends, childhood friends even Uni friends O_o) and I sort of wanted to rest at home tonight ;-;
- I'm so happy there is some good news in my family!!!
- A friend of mine (who I'm attracted to) talk to me again saying that he wants to see me but since he has a girlfriend I keep saying no lol (but isn't nice when a handsome guy is interested in you?)
- I went shopping with my mom and sister, it was so great I missed when we used to do that pretty often (spent too much money but it was worth it haha), "family bond enhanced" I think this works yea
- Felt pretty
- My night out went well! All my friends (from different groups) got along, it was fun and we danced all night (I didn't drink yay)

""DAY 11""
- As you can imagine, I was tired from last night and couldn't listen to the sub but I did this morning; so far besides my lips getting pinkier I didn't notice anything different
- Since I'm a believer of the power of stones (like amethyst, moonstone etc.) I've decided to find a stone for a clearer mind, especially because these days my mind has been messy and very negative at some time (so I found a very cute silver ring with a labradorite stone) and I have to say, it's working pretty well. A clear mind is the most important thing for subs to work.
- My mom hasn't stopped telling me that I lost weight and she thinks that maybe it's because I reduced my cravings (honestly I would not say that, but at least I eat more healthy) plus, I stopped going to the gym lol

Also about my eating habits I think I should mention that I've been doing intermittent fasting for about a month now and I totally recommend it, yes sometimes it's hard (especially because I'm doing the 20:4 one and recently I alternate with the 16:8) but it's worth it because there are some days when I'm eating so much that I want to cry (yeah eating disorders) but don't take a gram

so it's good for the mind lol (I know, I'm working on my cravings, sugar addiction, and this subs helped me a bit)

Okay, so I'm thinking about changing the format; I will do a weekly update (for more results) and also, I'll change my playlist a bit, I will listen to other subs (from Velmental, he's awesome you should check his channel) more often than this one.

That's it! I hope this has motivated you to start or continue your subliminal journey! Have a great day and see you in a week!

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