welcome back to my blog! obviously, i am a music lover and i thought this would be a cool, unique way to show some of my favorite songs/lyrics! i got the idea from the articles below ↓

"you never belonged to me, now i can see the light"
↪ to the top / twin shadow
travel, sky, and clouds image
"you were the song stuck in my head, every song that i've ever loved"
↪ favorite record / fall out boy
al and sunset image
"we all make stupid mistakes sometimes, you're the one that i miss the most"
↪ stupid mistakes / lovelytheband
sky, lightning, and thunder image
"oh why'd you have to be so cute, it's impossible to ignore you"
↪ goodnight n go / ariana grande
beach, summer, and pink image
"turns out that no one can replace me, i'm permanent you can't erase me"
↪ aftertaste / shawn mendes
adventure, nature, and travel image
"i won't break your heart again, i don't wanna be a monster among men"
↪ monster among men / 5sos
city, night, and travel image
"there's you in everything i do"
↪ i bet my life / imagine dragons
colors, lush, and bath bomb image
"if you're gonna be the death of me that's how i wanna go"
↪ collar full / panic! at the disco
light, night, and red image
"i don't want your body but i hate to think about you with somebody else"
↪ somebody else / the 1975
car, travel, and road image
"i never understood what love was really like, but I felt it for the first time looking in your eyes
↪ loved you first / one direction

again, huge credit to the accounts who came up with this idea! thank you so much for reading ❤