So I don't know where to start,
Do you ever want to leave your own head?

Don't get me wrong, my parents are alright... but one of the many things that they do which HURTS me.
They laugh at my anxiety.
They will laugh together and say "I don't know why you make it up"/
"stop making it up"/ "Everyone has anxiety".
Continually over and over invalidating my feelings.

I haven't learned though
I know that I cant talk to them about it
... I don't know if I forget
or I just assume that they are going to change, and I will be able to talk to my parents about my mental health and maybe for once they will give and shit and not just take the mick out of me.

I talked to my mum about my insomnia and she said "
don't let your dad talking about this" as in he wont get it and will take the mick.
She then decided to tell him herself in a public situation.

I just need to learn to keep my issues to myself.

Oh well.