right, so first a little info~
i have been on and of with my boyfriend for 8 months in total now.
we've been out twice already and this time we've been together for over 4 months.

i love him more than anything, i genuinely do even though i know i could be with someone who would treat me so much better.

firstly let me list all the good things:
-he always texts me morning beautiful
~compliments me loads
~is really sweet (sometimes)
~cares loads

right so let's get to the point-
all of my friends, family, strangers always tell me he doesn't deserve me and that i'm out of his league, that he's punching and always question why i'm with him.

he takes forever to reply and then when i'm pissed at him for it he comes up with some excuse and says im starting on him for no reason, i would literally stay up all night to speak to him whereas he can hardly last a few hours and if the conversation becomes dry he just leaves me on read because "he doesn't know what to put"
whenever we're play fighting he'll take it too far when i get really angry to the point that i become sad then he'll sit there mocking me which legit makes me cry. when we have an argument he mostly turns it around and manipulates me so i'm the one apologizing when really i haven't done anything wrong.

when he gets jealous he'll fall out with me even though i haven't done anything wrong.

i always check up on him frequently to see if he's okay and he never does the same for me. he gets angry when i do it because he thinks i don't belive him when really im just checking on him. he ignores me when he's with his mates whereas i always message him still and break my rules to message him.

i've currently been on delivered for 2 hours because he's probably on minecraft with his friends and can't be bothered to respond to me.

i'm not clingy but i genuinely love him way more than he loves me and if i did all this to him he'd fall out with me constantly.

ty for reading i've just has it all hella bottled up recently.