Hi everyone!
I haven't done another part to this series in a while and since recently I have been obsessed again with Panic! At The Disco so what better album to do an aesthetic for then Pray For The Wicked

music, panic! at the disco, and brendon urie image


  • (Fuck A) Silver Lining
cherry, red, and aesthetic image drink, champagne, and aesthetic image girl, gorgeous, and sexy image fashion and style image
"Fuck a silver lining cuz only gold is hot enough"
  • Say Amen (Saturday Night)
art, angel, and statue image Image by 💞 boy, cigarette, and grunge image art, statue, and sculpture image
"I pray for the wicked on the weekend. Mamma can I get another amen?"
  • Hey Look Ma, I Made It
friends, girl, and beach image friendship, girls, and graduation image couple, black, and glitter image Image by Grace
In a golden cathedral I'll be praying for the faithless, and if you lose boo-hoo... Hey look ma I made it"
  • High Hopes
high, star, and your image Temporarily removed romee strijd image fashion, mountains, and sea image
"Didn't know how but I always had a feeling I was gonna be that one in a million"
  • Roaring 20s
fashion and dress image drink, champagne, and luxury image Image by •× Image removed
"This my roaring, roaring 20s, I don't even know me. Roll me like a blunt 'cause I wanna go home"
  • Dancing's Not a Crime
couple, love, and sea image pink, pins, and dance image kiss, summer, and beauty image couple, Relationship, and goals image
"Dancing's not a crime unless you do it without me"
  • One of the Drunks
party, tequila, and alcohol image friends and group image indie image buttons, quotes, and aesthetic image
"This is what it feels like when you became one of the drunks. Searching for a new high, high as the sun uncomfortably numb"
  • The Overpass
best friends, friendship, and partners image art, lipstick, and alternative image friends, aesthetic, and bitch image aesthetic, road, and car rides image
"Meet me at the overpass, at the overpass. Sketchy girls and lipstick boys, troubled love and high speed noise"
  • King of the Clouds
crown, aesthetic, and dark image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed love, art, and angel image
"I don't trust anything or anyone bellow the sun. I don't feel anything at all"
  • Old Fashioned
friends, fun, and aesthetic image Mature image party, friends, and grunge image friends and party image
"So pour out some liquor, make it old fashioned. Remember your youth and all that you do the plank and the passion. They were the best of times"
  • Dying in LA
girl, grunge, and night image boy, sad, and cry image boy, mirror, and grunge image cigarette, smoke, and heart image
"But nobody knows you no when you're dying in LA and nobody owes you now when you're dying in LA"
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