So here it is, late as usual. Well, I hope you still enjoy it!

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Story: My brother the superhero, his nemesis and our cat.

Dylan has a secret identity. By day, he is the nerdy guy in the front of the class, texting his girlfriend when he has the time. By night, Dylan's is just your everyday superhero.

Saving the world, fighting an overdramatic villain, and most importantly, earning that sweet city money. Who knew that being a hero was that lucrative?

Well, Dylan intends to make the most of it. So what if he isn't a real hero? So what if some civilian dies? So what if he and Nathan have a sweet deal going on? The world wants a hero, and Dylan is more than happy to provide.

First ID

  • Dylan Portman
  • Sixteen (Almost seventeen)
  • Family; His mother Eliza, his father Drew and his twin brother Connor.


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Blonde hair and brown eyes. He is identical to his brother Connor.


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Dylan is mostly a dorky and nice guy to the one he loves. But when it comes to those in his path, Dylan can be ruthless.


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Cheap noodle is the food sent by heaven on earth, and don't try to talk physics or genetics with this guy. He is obsessed. Not as obsessed as he is with money, but still pretty close.


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None. It mostly consists of the same shoes and some usable pants and a hoodie that probably belongs to Connor.


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Dylan has telekinesis power, which he can use on himself, making it seems as if he's flying. He also has pyrokinesis powers.



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Dylan cares a lot about his brother and he only wishes to protect him as best he can. Though they do tease each other quite a lot, Dylan knows he can always count on his twin.


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Though she was giving to him, M.A.Y.E prefers Connor's company over Dylan's. He doesn't really mind. Too much is going on right now for him to be able to take care of a shapeshifter cat.


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Az is perfect. She's beautiful, she does art, she likes money too and she even knows how to hide dead bodies. She is the perfect girlfriend.


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Nathan is cool, he wants money so does Dylan. Easy and dirty money. So they make the deal. Dylan becomes the hero gaining the city's money. Nathan becomes the villain stealing the city's money. And this could all be cool if he wasn't trying to take the money and his brother with it.

And this marks the last presentation for this story. I'm thinking of writing my ideas for another story I had in mind. Oh well, we'll see. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that!