Hi Everyone
Currently it's summertime and one of my friends mentioned Summer Glow Ups at some stage so I was like, 'Why not make on article about it?'
So here are some tips for a perfect glow up <3

- Stay Hydrated -
Plant Nanny is a very useful app that has encouraged me to drink more water. It's also free and the app is based around a game :)

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What I would recommend best would be water. You can squeeze an orange and make your own healthy orange juice or pop in a slice of lemon into your fresh water. Try not to drink fizzy drinks often! (such as Coke, Dr Pepper, Sprite, etc.)
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- Use Face Masks - They help clear up blemishes, acne and keep your skin fresh!
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- Exercise/WorkOut - Here is some inspiration!
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- Start A Journal - Write on it daily & keep track of what you do everyday! It will inspire you to do more and stay healthy!
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- Try a new hairstyle/hairstyles -
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- Take More Photos - Don't be scared to take some selfies or pictures of yourself too! Just remember that you are beautiful in the inside and on the outside
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- Stay Away From 'Toxic People' - It's normal to have to deal with people through-out life and especially with people that aren't exactly 'nice'. Never let them get in the way of a good mood. When having to deal with people like that, it can cause stress and it's healthier to not keep the situation/problem stuck in your brain! (I'm going to be making a separate article about it soon so when I do, I'll add the link)
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- Eat Healthy - Around a few years ago, I would actually eat a lot of unhealthy foods as snacks and thanks to We Heart It articles, it actually inspired me to eat healthy breakfasts, more fruit and loads more!

Most importantly, - Be Yourself -

Edit* This is my first ever article on this and I hope you enjoyed it<3
I love you all, byeee for now