whether you have writer's block, or have never written a story or poem before, you've come to the WRITE article :)

Leave your desk behind

for me, i never find ideas just from sitting at my desk with some paper and pencil. that's a recipe for writer's block. instead, wherever you go, you should carry around your phone to take notes for any quick inspirations, or a notebook to jot down.
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Don't brainstorm. Get Inspired First.

here are some places where i get my inspiration from:
  • art museums -- look at paintings of people, items, designs. why was the artist inspired to create it? what story does the object of the art piece tell? untold stories?
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  • hang out with friends -- exchange stories, listen to your friends. or even better, create a character that is based on your friend's personality and quirks.
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  • people-watch -- look at a stranger's physicality, outside persona, actions. what could they be possibly thinking about? jot it down.
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  • read books -- true authors read read and read. what are some things you would change about the plot? are you inspired by the protagonist, or perhaps a side character?
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Watch Films

movies are a fantastic place to see how plot unfolds and the character develops. it will give you an idea on how to write all that on paper. think of it as a visual aid. some great movies to spur your creative juices are:
  • Black Swan -- story message, complexity of the character.
  • Good Will Hunting -- character development, good pacing.
  • Coco -- character dynamics and interaction.
  • Moonlight -- how story unfolds, inspiration for structure.
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Jot Down Excerpts and Bits of the Story

sometimes, i don't feel like writing a whole story on the spot. but i do have ideas of certain sentences and phrases that i would want in my piece. maybe an excerpt you thought of or read in another source could inspire a character development, personality, or plot. or maybe you just like those particular string of words. some examples:
  • "she wore moonlight like lingerie"
  • "she poured whiskey in her teacup and that's how i knew she was a true riot"
  • "he was the shyest one in his circle of Gatsby-esque friends"
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Create a Mood Board

about the story's ambiance, character, narrator, aesthetic, anything. the purpose of the mood board is to get creativity flowing while making it a fun template to make for the story.
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now... just write. be inspired. feel vulnerable. don't be afraid to welcome ideas and take off with it. you got this