So I saw a couple of articles of this, and like I started rewatching Avatar I thought it would be fun.
(credits to the one who made this first)


Name: Saiku (I took it from the word Saikuron, that meas cyclone)
Alias: Sassy Sai.
Birthday: 15 of October.
Nationality: West air temple.
Ethnicity: Air nomads.
Profession: Traveler, airbending instructor.

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Height: 1,57.
Weight: 55.
Eye colour: Grey.
Hair colour: red, almost bordeaux.

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Style: A yellow kind of mustard top with same colour shorts, some combat boots, leather gloves and a nice orange choker.

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Positive traits: passionate, kind, generous.
Negative traits: prideful, capricious, insecure.

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Personality: Saiku is an airbender. She is a playful and sassy girl, and has lots of insecurities, but never shows them. Also loves helping people because it feels good. She is kinda lazy when it comes to things that she doesn't like to do, but always works hard for what she loves. She is always dancing and doing tricks with the air. Everytime she uses her power it feels like freedom, she has to work in her attack though, because she usually tries to defend herself instead of attacking and hurting someone, but if you mess with her friends she won't have compassion. Oh, and she is in love with Zuko.

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Favourite colour: red, blue, white.
Likes: the warm breeze, gliding, dancing, coffe.
Hates: injustice, people who don't care for anyone but themselves, feeling pain.
Skills: airbending, managing daggers, flirting with Zuko ;)

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She doesn't know where her mother is, and her father, who was from the south air temple, disappeared with almost all the moks who lived there, except for Aang. She considers her friends her family too. And is in a relationship with Zuko.

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I know Zuko likes Mai but well, it's my post so I can pretend I date Zuko.
That's all, have a nice day <3