❅ Name: Altea Costa
aesthetic, art, and brush image witch, wicca, and book of shadows image
means "with healing power"
❅ Born: Grecee
acropolis, Greece, and history image art, girl, and aesthetic image
she has a very deep influence in mythology
❅ Apparence
girl, eyes, and aesthetic image makeup, girl, and eyes image nails image Image removed beauty, girl, and hand image lips, red, and makeup image
She dyes her hair grey but she's a red hair, has deep green eyes and wear glasses, has a lot of freckles and never paint her nails
❅ Personality
alternative, amazing, and art image animal, rabbit, and bunny image blue and crystal image quotes, words, and motivation image ocean, quotes, and peace image witch, quotes, and magic image
she's a night time person, soft as hell but can be a badass, never gives up and loves nature her mantra is kindness before anything
❅ Style


color, short, and style image belleza, hair, and cabello image
she likes it loose but occasionally wears braids


tattoo and dragon image tattoo, quotes, and grunge image girl, tatoo, and stylé image tattoo, love, and couple image
she loves tattoos and has a matching one with her best friend


Image by ℋℴ℘ℯ lips, nails, and piercing image piercing, earrings, and accessories image fashion, style, and clothes image
very chick and vintage also loves earings
❅ Powers
witch, magic, and book image fire, blue, and hand image j, magic, and water image mystery, purple, and tea image Inspiring Image on We Heart It beautiful image
elemental and weather manipulation, telekinesis and teleportation, great at casting spells and making potions, likes tasseography, alchemy, transmutation and doesn't like necromancy
❅ Best friend

Allura Romano

Image by mattamanga girl, beauty, and freckles image bridal, dress, and gowns image tattoo, love, and couple image tarot, cards, and magic image flowers and manipulation of earth image
she can read tarot, practices necromancy, earth and nature manipulation, mystokinesis, transmutation, is good an spells but no so much at potions
❅ Familiar


witch, cat, and magic image cat, magic, and witch image
a pretty little black cat
❅ Love interest

Damian Archer

black and white, Hot, and singer image vintage, cards, and indie image aesthetic, article, and boy image aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image
he's human they've been dating for a year in secret cuz her family doesn't approve, he doesn't know she's a witch and like to make card tricks for her
❅ House
sea, blue, and aesthetic image barefoot, beach, and beige image Image by Maria flowers, sea, and travel image
she lives in creta by the beach a little far from people