Hi, I was searching for ideas for another article and I stumbled upon this article and thought it was a great idea!


Moving to LA

california, pink, and aesthetic image Image removed

Try acting/Be in movies & tv shows

Image removed film production, film direction course, and film directing courses image

Graduate High school & College

Dream image cartoon, funny, and meme image

Travel A LOT

travel, sky, and clouds image Barcelona and travel image

Adopt my own pet

dog, cute, and animal image cat, animal, and cute image

Learn french & Live in France for a year or more

Image removed Image by Nosga Tosja

Get a few tattoos

aesthetic, grunge, and lines image beautiful, chic, and woman image

Find the love of my life

beautiful, grunge, and hands image beautiful, beauty, and couple image

Moving into a home together

flowers, aesthetic, and theme image city, house, and car image

Getting married

beautiful, chic, and woman image diamond, diamond ring, and fashion image

Then traveling more... :)

Raising a family together

baby, belly, and couple image family image

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