Every wound hurts
Some heal without no trace of them ever being there
But some are just too deep
They turn into scabs
And with every bad move
They start bleeding again.

In some time -
All that will remain is a ugly scar.
The memory of getting hurt in the first place.

You can cover it with a tattoo
Or embrace it and learn from that mistake.
It's up to you -

What will you choose?

Some scars fade away
Not entirely - but certainly...
Problem occurs -
When that ugly scar is the only thing that you have left.

Memory -

Of a person you loved and you always will.
Even if you don't want to.
You try to convince yourself of the contrary.

But everytime you look at that scar
Your heart shakes a little -
With joy, because you can feel them
For a second..

At some point
You wish you could have more of them.

Are they worth it?

That pain is in some sick twisted way pleasurable.

Then it hits you

You love the pain
Because you're a romantic with a sadistic inclinations.
You think that is all you deserve.

It's a bittersweet feeling.
It makes you feel alive even if you are convinced
You are entirely dead and shallow inside.