Dear you,
probably you've heard about this Spanish tv show, everyone keeps talking about it! It's a real masterpiece, so, if you haven't watched it yet do it ASAP ahah

Let's start!


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she's my favorite character, she's such a powerful, independent and brave woman, GIRL POWER!


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his psycho laugh is iconic, he's both a man and a kid, he's funny but serious at the same time


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she's got a crazy mind, she can't stay quiet for much, she has so much energy

El Profesor

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he's SO clever, he can make the impossible become possible, he's a nerd, a geek, a genius


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she left everything to follow the love of her life, she's a mum but this doesn't mean she can't live her own life

That's all for now!

In case you haven't yet, WATCH the show ;)

xoxo Elisa

in case you were interested ;)