Hi guys!!
For my first article, I'm going to write about some BuzzFeed quizzes results about Who I Am .

Hope you enjoy this !

First I'll write the quizzes title and of course a image to try to make this article more animated and the quizzes Results.

1 . We'll Tell You If You're An Introvert Or Extrovert Based On The Cat Names You Like

cat, animal, and kitty image
Soooo..Extrovert hum?!. The result says that I love being around people and being social! (TRUE) 😁

2 . This Personality Quiz Will Reveal If You're More Like Mufasa Or Scar

disney, gif, and lion king image
Mufasa of Course 🦁 You're noble, kind, and trustworthy. You were born to be a leader and a source of protection for your family.

3 . Eat Your Way Through A Breakfast Buffet And We’ll Tell You Which Of The 6 Personality Types You Are

converse, shoes, and heart image
I got...The Reliable Type You just really have your shit together and like people to know they can depend on you when it really matters. People feel safe with you, and they're comfortable opening up to you because they know you'll take their feelings seriously. (TRUE) I love listening and helping 😃

4 . This Food Quiz Will Reveal What Type Of Personality You Have

anime, sailor moon, and aesthetic image
You're very shy! You like being around people, but you're timid at first.

5. This Quiz Will Reveal Your True Personality

birthdays, bright colors, and celebrate image
You got: Social butterfly ! You thrive in public places and social interactions!

And this is it guys!

Thank you so much for reading this article! And see you next time with a different quizz or maybe with a different article! Lots of Love my Hearters 😘