Dear You,

I know that You don’t know how I am feeling about You. But my feelings are strong and they are getting more and more intensive day by day and I can’t do this anymore.

It sounds cliche, but I laid my eyes on You the moment I saw You. You had this magnetism around You and were so attractive. And then, after I got to know You slightly by watching how You were treating other people, how You were with little kids, how kind You are, how sweet, I fell for You even more. I fell in love with Your soul. It was the first time I fell for a guy not simply because of his looks. You were my first real crush.
A part of me thought that You liked me too, but maybe I was wrong.

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At the beginning I really thought we could be something, although we are different. But opposites attract, right?..

I saw how You were looking at me during lunch breaks and I felt not only butterflies in my stomach, but the whole zoo. But the point is, I feel that You grew out of these feelings for me, if You had them. And it hurts, because I felt how You drifted apart from me. You stopped saying "hi” in the hallways, You stopped looking at me the way You used too. And as I think about this more and more, You can’t imagine, how much it hurts. It hurts me that You will never know how I feel, You will never know how I used to cry myself to sleep every night because I couldn’t bear the thought that I will never be with You. Such an amazing person and such a sweet soul will never be with me.

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I need to say goodbye, because, frankly, I see that You don’t care anymore. You graduated school and moved on with Your life and I need to do this too. I won’t see You anymore in the hallways standing and laughing with Your friends and maybe it’s for the best.

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And maybe one day we will meet. A few years will go by and will see You. Maybe in a bar, just standing, drinking and laughing with a bunch of friends like it used to be in schools hallways and I will be able to pull myself together to talk to You without bringing the pain back.

I hope You will meet someone that You will love endlessly and they love You the same amount back. I just hope they understand, how lucky they are to have someone like You.

So, I say goodbye to You with tears running down my cheeks and I hope that this will turn out for the best.