About anything and everything because why not.

If you drink 6liters of water in the spam of 3 you’ll die because your kidneys can’t keep up.
Your brain uses sugar when studying that’s why you get hungry and you should give to it fruits, nuts or sweets because why not.
Your brain also needs 500cals daily for basic activities. That’s why when you’re fasting your reactions are slow.
In stores, the products that are the most expensive are at the eye level because people are in a hurry so they’ll buy this. They won’t look for other options.
It’s illegal to take a pictures of the Eiffel tower at night because a law says that something belongs to the creator for after 30 years after their death. That applied to books too and that’s why many sites have so many classics.
You will want to listen to music when the activity you do is not demanding but you will tend to be quiet when the activity requires a lot of focus.
When you can’t decide between 2 things, flip a coin. While the coin is in the air, you will tend to think of the option you want to get.