Day 21

What are the daily activities of your character?

Meg goes to school around 8 am and is off around 1 pm. On some days she walks home by herself but mostly one of the boys picks her up on the way and takes her home.

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Megโ€™s parents usually work until late afternoon, so she has the house by herself. She cooks lunch for her and Tony and withdraw after that to her room, where she finishes her school-work and if needed study for an exam.

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Tom visits Meg during the afternoon and the spend either some time on the porch-roof or drive to one of Tomโ€™s band-meetings with Archie. They return to Megโ€™s house before her parents come home and spend some extra time in Megโ€™s bedroom. She usually does something creative during the evening or helps Tom preparing for his upcoming qualifying examination at the NYU.

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Tom leaves around 7 pm by using the porch-roof as an exit and Meg spends some time with her family. For the rest of the night she loves cuddling with Barry in her bed and reading a book or chatting with Archie or Tom in the meantime. She goes to bed around 11 pm and usually sleeps with Barry by her side.

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Day 22

What is your character's biggest passion?

Her biggest passion is definitely everything art-related. Throughout the years Meg concentrates on painting and illustrating and found her true purpose.
She loves spending hours in her little art-nook and creating something unique. Meg wants to deepen her love and interest in this topics and to earn her living from it.
Her biggest dream is to become a famous artist and illustrator and to be able to work with all these people who always inspired her.

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This is all for day twenty one and twenty two. Thank you so much for reading my article and I really hope you liked it. See you on Tuesday.

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