heya im back with summer vibes. enjoy;)

Favorite summer trend?:
My favorite trend is crop tops with different bottoms like skirt or shorts or anythingg. But also i really love different details and accessories like sun glasses, sunhats and jewerly.

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Bikini or swimsuit?
Absolutely, bikini.

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...here is some really nice swimsuits that i´m really in love with tho:

Image by Rebecka H. ❤️‍🔥 bad, body, and f image girl, summer, and style image beach, girl, and summer image

Sunglasses or hats?
Sunglasses for sure.

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Favorite activities:
Reading, traveling, being at the beach, being with friends, sunbathing, late night walking and just chill out before school starts again.

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Beach or pool?
Beach 100% but pools are nice too when you´re out traveling.

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Top 3 summer essentials?
Sunscreen, a book and friends

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What do you do on a boring days?
Probably watch tv or read a book or hang out with friends.

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What is something you hate about summer?
The weather in Sweden. Right now it`s raining..

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One place you want to visit?
Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Bonfire or the beach?
Probably bonfire on the beach.

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I always travel in the summer, hanging out with friends, summer work and going to my summerhouse with my family.

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Favorite person to be with?

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Favorite meal?

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Favorite snacks?
Watermelon and sorbet.

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Ice cream or sorbet?

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Summer goals?
Traveling all summer with friends, learn a language and just have non stop fun!

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Are you getting all the summer vibes yet? Well this was all the summer questions for today. Have a nice day and be happy! cya