i feel like my best friend just deserves a big shoutout from me because i feel like she doesn't hear much from me recently. so this is both a message and a self-care project for myself.
feel free to be inspired by this article and write about your own best friend and list all the things you love about them

let's just call her Moon Sun.
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1. she sends me the most beautiful and cutest of texts. she words things well and she has a way of showing love and appreciation when we talk.
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2. she is devastatingly hilarious. we both share the same brain cell, so we both can be complete crackheads together. our humor knows no limits and we reveal too much of everything which is funny.
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3. she takes so much time and care to recognize my insecurities and tries to understand them. she tries her best not to mention them or make fun of them. in other words, she is very communicative and that is important in all relationships and friendships. it's very open with her and although i really hate being weak and vulnerable in front of her, she doesn't take advantage of that but instead embraces communication and vulnerability.
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4. she is completely forgiving. i hold grudges a lot, so for me, i just can't comprehend how she is so compassionate. i think it's because she sees the best in people, and always goes for the benefit of the doubt. even after our big fight, she told me how offended she was but still forgave me which i still don't think i should've deserved because what we had was something so much more special and we already had so much progress.
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5. she has made me love my korean ethnicity more. she has a deep appreciation for korean culture because i teach her some words every day. she is so welcoming of all differences and korean culture in particular that i've become a lot more in touch with that side of me. also, fangirling about bts helps.
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6. we have so many traditions unique to us, like korean/spanish lessons we teach each other, sending gifts via redbubble, texting everyday, asking me how work went, sharing youtube playlists.
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7. she is capable of having deep discussions about philosophy, world politics, academics, and other serious issues. although most of our conversation is lighthearted and surrounds bts, we can launch into a serious discussion about cultural appropriation anytime. and although she is white, she has never been culturally insensitive.
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8. with that, she is intelligent in so many different aspects. she is really good at speaking languages and has such a passion for culture and languages in general. for me, i don't think i'm that good at learning languages, but everyone has their own intelligence. she is also very good at attuning to people's emotions and knowing what to say to them. she's a hard worker and dedicated to her passions. we're both going to the same college so it will be interesting and inspiring to see how she will manifest that in the future.
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9. she sees the best side of me. although i have felt very insecure and jealous almost recently because of her, she has also reassured me that i am more than that. that i am intelligent and driven and funny and upbeat and protective. we preach self-love to each other, and at times it is very hard, especially after our fight. but we ultimately want each other to be happy.
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10. we have many future plans together. like being the maid of honor, godmother to our children, sending our children to the same school and being best friends, going on girls vacations away from our husbands, going to a bts concert together (although she already went, it is still gonna be very special for me and her because that is our foundation of friendship), going to korea together, and many more.
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11. we are similar in a lot of ways. we have an ongoing joke / not really a joke that we have parallel lives. and it's becoming more and more true. i truly think it was meant to be and i wouldn't be surprised if we are soulmates.
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12. times goes so fast when we talk and meet up. when that happens, you know the location and times doesn't matter as long as you are together.
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13. we are so fond of each other. i don't think there ever was a day where we didn't think of each other. we always check up on each other and for her at least, her family and friends at school know who i am because she speaks so fondly of me. she even has a photo album where she puts screenshots of her favorite texts from me in it. she always texts me, even when i don't have time or hesitate to text her because of one of my bad days. i like to think that she is inspired and loves me, as much as i am inspired by her and love her.
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14. she always celebrates with me. at least from my end, she doesn't seem to be full of malice when she does. she seems genuinely proud of what i do. and i hope that my insecurities can shove aside so that i can confidently celebrate her own moments too in the future because i feel like i don't do that as much.
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15. she always reminds me that i am her best friend. and tbh, i don't know any other friendship that has made me think of them everyday or means so much to me. it runs a lot deeper w moon sun.
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and you know what? i might just copy and paste this letter and send it to her. or better, write it out. because she needs to know how much she means to me. and feel free to do that to with your best friend, it will improve you and that person, i promise :)