Baking !

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Just think about the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon running through the house.

A Picnic.

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A couple of friends, good food, a cozy blanket and leaves on the ground !
check my new article about it :

A bonfire (I mean s'mores !!!)

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I didn't have a garden to make bonfire but I have a balcony and I use this trick =>

Going to a corn maze.

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Grab a group of friends or your family and spend some time finding your way out of the maze.

Go apple/pumpkin picking !

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And cook them !

Take a walk in the woods or in the city.

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With a hot drink to go and the sound of the crunchy leaves.

Watch Halloween movies !

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Make your bed, grab a drink, some snack and your familiar and enjoy a good movie !

Fall fashion.

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It's that time of the year ! Cozy sweater, boots and big scarf !

Read a spooky book !

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Nothing is better than a scary story.

I hope the article is cute ! i really enjoy doing these post !
PS: I am still learning english so I hope there is not too much grammatical or spelling mistake !


Manon :)